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10 benefits of bitter gourd juice intake

foodsgo3 10 benefits of bitter gourd juice intake
Healthy liver problem if you keep the lever, then every day you drink a glass of bitter gourd juice. If you will do this for a week, then the results will be seen themselves.

To strengthen the immune system
If you want to protect themselves from infection bitter gourd or bitter gourd leaves boiled in water and drink it. This will benefit your immunity.
 Acne Selected
  Intake of bitter gourd face stains, get rid of acne and skin infections. Of bitter gourd juice on an empty stomach every day for six months together with the lemon drink. Or you can not use it until then, continue until you reach the house.
Diabetes can fix
  Bitter gourd juice is also very beneficial for diabetes. Many chemicals are found in the bitter gourd, like insulin, which reduces blood levels and assume Sugar
  The properties of the fibers are found in the bitter gourd, which would strengthen the digestive system. It also removes indigestion and constipation.
Kidney and Blder
  Blder lever and makes bitter gourd healthy. Is beneficial to the kidney stone.
heart disease
Bitter gourd is beneficial to the heart in many ways. Reduce bad cholesterol to be collected on the artery wall, thereby reducing the risk of Heart Attack. Blood Sugar Level At the same time it also makes the heart remains healthy.
  Bitter gourd can prevent the progression of the cancer cell.
. To lose weight
  Antioxidants are found in the bitter gourd. It improves the body's metabolism and digestive system, which helps in weight loss.


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