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Joint pain relief

Joint pain relief
Bitter gourd vegetable of arthritis or joint pain and pain at the site of the leaves of bitter gourd juice to massage provides relief. Bitter gourd and using equal quantity of sesame oil provides relief to arthritis patients. The oil massage is beneficial to arthritis and rheumatic diseasesAcne Selected
Intake of bitter gourd face stains, get rid of acne and skin infections. Of bitter gourd juice on an empty stomach every day for six months together with the lemon drink. Or you can not use it until then, continue until you reach the house.

Benefit in heart disease
Bitter gourd is beneficial to the heart in many ways. Reduce bad cholesterol to be collected on the artery wall, thereby reducing the risk of Heart Attack. Blood Sugar Level At the same time it also makes the heart remains healthy

Elixir for appendicitis patients
Two bitter gourd and bitter gourd juice appendicitis patients get relief from the vegetable. It Glkar calculus comes out. 20 grams of bitter gourd juice mixed with honey drink fuses calculus is lost through urination. This leaves little asafoetida Mix 50 ml juice urine comes out openly. Bitter gourd juice should be taken regularly to be appendicitis. It removes calculus Glkar. Kidney or bladder stones, bitter gourd has the ability to break it. Bitter gourd juice, bitter gourd twice and both times the food to eat vegetables.

Paste of bitter gourd juice in headaches
Coating of bitter gourd juice on headache relief.
Blisters in the mouth, the bitter gourd juice gargle
Ulcers in the mouth rinse of the bitter gourd juice is beneficial. Ulcers in the mouth on the gourd juice gargle warm, add the ground alum go over blisters.


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