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Benefits of Apples

 Apple is a very rewarding and delicious fruit almost every season is very easy to find.let us have a different glow on the face can be seen today, we'll talk about apples from the many advantages.

Benefits of Apples

1. Eating apples daily on an empty stomach 1 migraine pain gradually goes all right.

2. Many people have problems sleeping, after dinner the night after eating half an apple of gold will sleep very well.

can get rid of.

it took 1 gram, 2 pinch of sandalwood powder and turmeric powder on the face by the face pack Hlken-by gently massaging the facial wrinkles, acne and spots are slowly fade.

5. People with oily skin often remain very concerned about their skin because oily skin is acne vulgaris but there is more chance, but normal skin is oily, you can use Apple's normal to oily skin you 1 apple make a paste and apply this mixture well and took on the face 10 to 15 minutes after the wash with warm water, mild face, oily skin, it would be normal gradually.

  There are advantages to drink this juice!

Many essential nutrients are found in apples, which are essential for our body. Many people would like to drink apple juice instead of her. If you are able to eat an apple a day out there and drink the juice.

Apple juice drink vitamin, minerals and antioxidants are totally lacking. It is not at all the cholesterol it is considered the most suitable fruit.

Now let's get to know what are the benefits of drinking apple juice!

Asthma afloat: Flevonoid in apples, which is the prevention of asthma. It strengthens the lungs and helps to work correctly.

Cancer prevention: Apple juice we tumors and prevents cancer, lung cancer, which prevents us particularly.

Constipation also saved: Sorbitol occurs in apples, which relieves constipation.

The aesthetic benefits: Its sap is quite beneficial for the hair and skin. Its juice itching, inflammation, cracked skin and is used in the treatment of wrinkles. Find apple juice to remove dander and then rinse the hair after a few hours.

Increased light eyes: apple juice contains vitamin A, which is helping to increase the eyesight. In addition it also relieves eye diseases.

Strengthen bones: apple juice vitamin C, iron, boron etc., which together make the bone stronger.


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