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Benefits of Tea


 Benefits of Tea

Tea contains caffeine and tannins, which are Stimuletr. They hurried into the body feels

- Tea, the amino-acid L-Thiyenain mind more alert but keeps quiet.

- Tea contains antigens, anti-bacterial ability to provide it.

- Anti-Oksident element in it and increase the body's immunity to protect against many diseases.

- Anti-aging qualities tea lowers the speed of aging and reduces damage to the body with age.

- Tea contains fluoride, which strengthens bones and teeth, prevents them fr
om getting the worm.

-non-Vegetarian eating two to three cups of tea is beneficial. Non-wage workers in the chemical can cause cancer, helps to reduce their impact.

- Tea leaves should pour water into the roots of the rose plant.

- Tea leaves boiled in water to wash hair brighten.

- A liter of boiled water, leave for five minutes and add five tea bags. It sit for a while and put the foot. Significantly relieves feet.

- Two tea bags soaked in cold water squeeze. Then close your eyes and above them both with tea bags lie down quietly for a while. This swelling of the eyes and fatigue will descend.

- Calms inflammation in any part of the body that keep tea bags soaked in warm water. This will ease the pain and blood circulation will be normal.

- The tea bags soaked in warm water to keep the immediate relief of dental


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