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buttermilk advantages


 Residue especially in the summer is very beneficial for our health. After dinner drink a glass of buttermilk with salt, black digestive troubles away is all.
 So let's drink the buttermilk benefit  Today we'll talk about.
 buttermilk advantages

1. Whey drink twice daily increases memory.
2. In the summer, both day time black salt and roasted cumin powder in a glass of whey mixed drink relieves a lot of heat.
3. dander two days a week at the sour buttermilk wash head dandruff is relieved very quickly.
4. If you want to lose weight, then do not forget to drink a daily glass of whey residue because it is low in calories and low in fat.
5. Kailshiaym is found in high amounts in the residue. Buttermilk drink is essential for the strength of the bone.
6. Mix wheat flour in whey putting wrinkles on the face are less susceptible.
Seven. On the heels of the foot bursts Mtrte obtrusive fresh butter provides relief.
VIII. Because of the enormous heat in the body leads to a lack of water, so that you should drink of buttermilk, and is also Smsyan of constipation.
9. In-ground residue sugar, black pepper and rock salt Mix problem of drinking in Seediti relief.
X.. Enhance resistance to disease is found in the residue of the property. Which is highly beneficial for our health.

profitable for the health drink buttermilk. Learn how to make buttermilk variety ...

Lemon buttermilk

It is extremely easy to make. A glass of water mixed with a little whisk the yogurt. Insert with a little lemon. Drink it before going out of the house. Heat stroke will survive.

Looks Tasty Mjige drinking. In South India, it is quite drunk. Beaten yogurt and water in a grinder to make it stay. Insert the little green pepper and curry leaf. Curry is good for health.

Buttermilk Spice

Will be fun masala buttermilk drink. To make it into yogurt cumin powder, salt and add water. Peppermint can also be ground. This will cool the stomach.

Peppermint residue
Make it and put in yogurt mint. Find the morning of curry


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