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Disadvantages of Tea


  Disadvantages of Tea

Several famous doctors have revealed that drinking tea, there were no differences in direct condemned. However you invaluable T per day by drinking his own health and life would be destroyed. The idea of ​​loss and not one bag of chips-off wine, the difference is so expensive and the cheapest. Wine, stewed for a short time by making Hrti sorrow, but the blow is not sleep, precious lives and health of the body in eliminating the alcohol is more dangerous because it is cheaper than it is at each place promotion.

T in the country and enhances our hot summer. Increases bile. Drinking more than three cups a day may prevent acidity.

- Heavy drinking can lead to dryness.

- Digestive problems may occur.

- Stains on the teeth, but over coffee stains come.

- Late-night drinkers may have a problem sleeping.

- T in the body by taking some vitamins are destroyed.

- There is a weakness in its memory consumption.

- T is consumed affects the liver.

- T intake of blood and plays an important role in the actual heat loss.

- Milk tea intake affects the stomach and cause damage to the bowels.
- Iron Abjorb reduces the body's ability.

- Due t drink caffeine can be addictive.

- T is available in caffeine affect the heart, therefore, the high consumption of tea often is helpful in generating heart disease.

- Caffeine Element T six per cent in the volume of blood contaminated with the organs in the body is too weak.

- T blood pollutes drinking red pimples on the face comes out.

- People who drink too much are answering their intestines. Constipation is a home and have trouble with sewage removal.

- T is also likely to be cancer than drinking.

- T is the neurological Gdbdian, weakness and stomach gas.

- T drinking that leads to insomnia complaints.

- T comes with neurological abnormalities.

- T in the bladder or urinary uric acid ducts are weak, resulting in plenty of tee times to the person who is causing the problem to be urine.

- It is decaying teeth.

- Railway stations or on stalls selling t t would be better not to drink if they clean dishes without making are often not in the same way several times is not toxic. Never again not Drink hot tea would be better.

- The market is made by T Kdka often in aluminum pot. Besides t stomach it dissolves aluminum also plays a lesser role in the system to Barbad.

- Many times we tend to keep it in balance so thermos t forget for too long kept in thermos of tea, do not eat. Boil and reduce possible  used at one time to become t Throw 

- Do not get absorbed into the body anemia is iron.

- It puts the caffeine addiction. It is always a bad addiction.

- Consumption dryness becomes more  muscle become hardened.

- One or more teaspoons of sugar for every cup of tea is taken that weight increases.

- Often people with t salty, salty biscuits, dumplings and take. It is against the diet. This skin disease is not.

- T is a loss of appetite, brain dries up, anal and Viryasy are feeble. Diseases like diabetes occur. Because of the implied synthetic sleeping brains blown drying facilities facilities assume, it is a big mistake.

- Tea and coffee facilities as an excuse for people trapped in the destructive addiction like gambling addiction loser they are sinking deeper into the greater body, mind, brain and lose earned money wasted and become victims of chronic diseases are.


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