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However, the amount of caffeine in green tea does not green tea rite time


 Green tea rite time

However, the amount of caffeine in green tea does not, however, its use after a certain point, insomnia, anxiety, irritability and lack of iron in the body to be responsible. According to information, to about 2-3 cups of green tea a day should stop. Those who may have trouble drinking more, which are not used to caffeine overdose.

1 Tonic acid present in green tea and caffeine is not good for pregnant woman and fetus
Happen. Do not take it during pregnancy.

When not Drink ...

1-stale green T Green Tea has long lived in it from start to decrease vitamin and its AT-oxidant properties. Not only that, after a certain point it also fed bacteria
Start. Drink green tea was not put before the hour.

No 2-empty stomach in the morning on an empty stomach to drink green tea may complain of acidity. Instead morning empty stomach to drink a glass of lukewarm water habit of fennel. This will improve digestion and will help rid the body of wastes.

After 3-meal immediately after quick weight loss diet green tea drink which, while it affects the process of digestion and absorption of nutrients.

4-night Pina- brain is activated after the intake of caffeine and sleep escapes. So late at night or before bed, do not drink green tea.

No any kind of medication after medication after eating not Drink green tea.

Do not boil

Never put green tea in boiling water. This may be a problem of acidity. Boil the water first, took off from heat, add the green tea leaves or tea bags Cover. Two minutes later it separated Sieve or tea bags.

When Pian-

1-Weight reduction

Exercise and weight loss workouts even if you do not, then you start to drink green tea during the day. Green Tea Anti-Oxidants is due to eliminate body fat. According to one study, green tea has a stable body weight. Green Tea Fat, not too strong and keeps metabolism disorders Digestive system must pass.

2. Reduce Stress

Stress works in a tea syrup. Drinking tea gives you comfort. In addition, the dry tea leaves by the side of the pillow is less than gold headache. The aroma relaxes the mind to dry tea leaf.

3 to avoid sunburn

Putting sunscreen on the face of the sunburn problem does not end if you pour the bath water and then bathe in the tea leaf. It burns you from sunburn, itching etc. relief.

4-to reduce inflammation of the eye

Tea inflammation of the eyes and perfect way to unwind. For this you do not have to work hard, and take just two tea bags in warm water for 15 minutes on the eyes, keep wet. This caused irritation in your eyes and the swelling decreases. Tea contains natural Strijent, which reduces inflammation of your eye. Finish by applying tea bags are also dark circle.

5 to reduce acne problem

Tea anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant, reduces the inflammation. Perfect for removing acne of the face is green tea. To eliminate acne from the face before going to sleep at night on the face of green tea leaves. Drink green tea in the morning to keep himself fit. It persists in the face of natural luster and beauty.

6-Skin Protector

Green Tea Skin is extremely beneficial. It keeps your skin tight. There are also anti-aging elements. Anti-Oxidants and Antioxidants in green tea-Inflamentri elements together due to the skin is protected. To make white sugar scrub with green tea, green tea with a little water and mix well. Nourish your skin to mix it with the hydration level of the skin and the soft will create will maintain.

7-beneficial to the hair

Tea is also a good conditioner for the hair works. Nourish the hair is natural manner. Apply to hair after cooling boil tea. Also, rosemary and sage green (medical herbal) with black tea boiled overnight and keep in place the next day hair. Hair conditioner is natural for tea.

For 8-foot deodorant

Aroma of green tea is strong and powerful. The scent you can use to remove foot odor. Use of the tea leaf and pour in the water for 20 minutes and put the legs on. It absorbs sweat tea and Smell your feet is over.


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