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If you want to lose weight is to eat plenty of greea


Many people in today's times is obese |n te If you want to lose weight is to eat plenty of greea | It increases body metabolism Hanjisse metabolism is balanced and reduces excess body fat | Drinking this mixture gives the body energy | Digestive system disorders of the pass.

Beneficial to the skin

Green tea not only for our health but also helps to increase our beauty | When free radicals are antioxidants present in the skin Rhcsha | Also it does not have that feed the skin cancer | Antiajing elements are present in green tea, which reduces facial wrinkles | And face brightness and freshness are retained. It also relieves sunburn are |

Cancer Survival

People who drink green tea are less Chances of getting cancer is served | Green Tea Cancer kills viruses and elements necessary for the body in the body maintains | Sodo has revealed some of the green tea drink from the breast cancer risk are reduced by 25%. It also benefits the skin cancer |

Beneficial in hypertension

Green tea helps prevent high blood pressure | In some Sodo revealed the suppression of angiotensin drinking green tea helps in keeping blood pressure low |

Enhanced immune system

Benefits Of Green Tea is also the health of our immune system grow stronger than green tea drink | Polifenols Flevonoyds which is found in green tea and helps the body fight infection |

Let them also other advantages: -

Drinking green tea improves blood circulation of the body, and cholesterol remains true |
Green Tea Consumption teeth are safe | It kills germs and bacteria present caffeine teeth that minimizes |

Algeria is recovering from conditions such as green tea intake | Green tea protects brain cells | and damaged cells are recovered.

Green tea intake in the diabetic patient's blood glucose levels are reduced | No sooner does a diabetic diet | Increased sugar levels than the corresponding levels in green tea also helps to balance |
Sometimes people have things to learn the advantages of the very thing that seems to be | But it is wrong | Excessive drinking green tea can also be harmful. Similarly, much of it you drink 2-3 cups a day, then it will harm. Because it contains caffeine so not drink three cups of tea and more.


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Fraid ranging from curry soup or roasted chicken is eaten in India in every way.


Fraid ranging from curry soup or roasted chicken is eaten in India in every way. Crazy chicken and eat it create individual style. Chicken dishes are not just taste great but also contains nutrients that help your body in ways that cause. Let us know what benefits you are eating chicken.

muscle, is evolving

Non-vegetarian source of protein, chicken is considered the best. The meat is lean, which means that it is high in protein and fat, the fat content is low. 100 g 31 g protein you get from eating roasted chicken. So those who want to create muscle proves to be very profitable for them to eat chicken.
Bone keeper
Apart from protein, phosphorus and calcium in chicken is also found in high quantities in the bone condition improves. Additionally, the selenium (selenium), which is also found to reduce the risk of arthritis, the arthritis is known.