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In the summer you have the pleasing taste of juicy mangoes health benefits associated with it, these 10 common


   Yun called the king of fruits is not common. If more than one of its properties, which make it special. Its merits are telling
Lush mango 'king of fruits' is known as India's most popular fruit. Because of its unique taste and aroma found in common incalculable qualities make it the king of fruits. Worldwide, more than a thousand varieties of it are. It is the fruit, the raw and cooked, are eaten with both very interesting. Not the same as the ripe mango salad is eaten, the mango shake, ice cream, candy, jam, jelly, marmalade, squash, like all dishes are preferred. In the summer, cool off in the raw green mango juice or imagination does the conduct made it, having fun with the people eat sauce. Not only rich in nutrients is common, but mine is healthy properties.

In the summer you have the pleasing taste of juicy mangoes health benefits associated with it, these 10 common
Taste and also will raise.

1. prevents cancer

Many studies have proven that antioxidants in general colon cancer, breast cancer, leukemia and would help avoid prostate cancer. The Kyursetin, Stragalin, Fisetin are many elements such as protection against cancer.

2. Reduces Cholesterol

A good amount of fiber and vitamin C are common in the low-density lipoprotein (Mliel) to reduce the bad cholesterol level help.

3. beneficial to the skin

Find eat or pack as usual, it opens the skin pores causing pimples are low.

4. Beneficial to the eyes

Vitamin A, which is plentiful in common eyesight improves and keeps you away from diseases such as night blindness.

5. The balance is Alklai

It contains citric acid, malic acid and Trtarik Alklai the alkaline balance of the elements in the body makes.

6. mango leaves are beneficial in diabetes

Mango leaves that increase insulin levels in the blood. If you leave them soaked in water overnight and then drink filtered water will be normal insulin levels in the body.

7. Improves Sex Life

Mango is a good source of vitamin E and it may even increase libido. Several studies have considered it.

8. It improves digestion

Like papaya mango also has good digestion. There are many enzymes that help break down proteins in the body.

9. prevents stroke

It has been proven in many studies that prevents the risk of stroke in the general summer. In Ayurveda, it is helpful to prevent the effects of the sun pointed fruits.

10. Resistant

Common vitamin C and vitamin A in the body than the 25 types that are resistant Karotenoyds increase efficiency.

Caution is also required
Why is dangerous 'common'

Well we all know that excessive consumption of anything is harmful, but these days it is not suitable in the context of the common. It is also the wrong way to cook it is often difficult.
As competition in the market has increased, food items, especially fruits premature market is engaged in a mad rush to get. Mangoes premature chemicals are used for cooking. Calcium carbide, a substance that helps the common forcibly cooked. This material reacts with moisture-looking stone gases like ethylene and makes the fruit ripen quickly. The calcium carbide mangoes from being cooked, it is fatal to health.

Identify right and wrong common

There is a certain time of ripening mangoes. Knowing the difference between natural and artificially ripened mangoes their aroma, color and scales can resort to. Naturally ripe mango peel is thin and delicate, while the artificially ripened mango rind is yellow and stiff.

The color comes from the identification

The common color of his artificial and natural can be explored. A chemical which is the color of the ripe mango. In contrast, naturally ripe mango is a mixture of yellow and green. The yellow-green spots where it seems common sense to want to have that in common, something is wrong.

The fragrance also can recognize

Each scent has its own common variety. Forced or artificial fragrance cooked in common with either no or very low. You can sniff out.

Can be fatal sweetness of mango

Carbide ripened mango vitamins and nutrients decreases. According to dietitian fruit carbide are prepared, as soon as they are harmful to health, will lead to a slow death. Carbide with water, creates organic phosphorous. Due to the water-soluble and dissolves easily in the body harms the body.

Just note

Despite the merits of such a general limit their intake is just right. Obesity is more common not only rich in sugar intake, skin diseases is also invited.

The advantages of raw mango
Prevention of Heat Stroke

Imagine the raw mango juice is highly beneficial in the treatment of heat stroke in the summer. This gives your body cool. Not only will you feel the freshness, but also reduces the impact of heat.

Avoiding dehydration

Raw mango with a pinch of salt intake prevents high temperatures in the summer and that the shortage of water in the body.


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