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- Keep these things in mind when making banana and milk I have had all I am telling you I am not aware of the extra

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 Keep these things in mind when making banana and milk
I have had all I am telling you I am not aware of the extra

Banana and milk while being low in calories, you may feel weak. If you also find an auto-a time when there is a general and two-time banana milk food. Mahilaaon the arm during menstruation because the diet should not need iron in their diet by eating this will not be completed.

Banana is considered an excellent source of energy, an average of 105 calories Isme found the body prevents any weakness. If you get tired after exercise, then immediately seek eating a banana will give you the power to increase the level of glucose in the blood.

Many people believe that they are overweight from eating banana. Place the apple banana, pomegranate, guava, watermelon, melon and fruit intake consider more effective. It is the fruit fiber to meet the shortage of water in the body with the help. But he thinks that eating calcium-rich bananas will get fat.

With you all the benefits of the fruit, try to learn about the benefits of bananas, so this research may be helpful for you. After reading it you will be mad in the banana and will include lunch daily. A new study has shown that eating a banana every day, the risk of blindness can be overcome.

During the study, the researchers found in bananas Karotinoid composite. The fruits and vegetables red, orange and yellow color. It is converted into vitamin A in the liver, and which is considered to be quite beneficial for the eyes.

Previous research has also shown that foods containing high levels Karotinoid dangerous diseases such as cancer, heart disease and provide protection from diabetes. The study showed that the banana is rich in provitamin A Karotinoid. It is important for the eyes Vitamin A deficiency is also helpful in providing full potential food source.

Vitamin-A deficiency in banana researchers to tackle promoting Karotinoid investigated. Australia Cara L. Mortimer and other researchers from Queensland University of Technology for the research studied two varieties of bananas.

They found that the light yellow and low-Karotinoid the Cavendish banana variety, the molecules break Karotinoid produce more enzymes.


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