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milk-banana diet I have had all I am telling you I am not aware of the extra


 I have had all I am telling you I am not aware of the extra

Today we milk and bananas in this article about the benefits of healthy cure spells. Both milk and banana food things. Most people take diet of banana milk to stay fit. Such as milk and banana mix it in your diet by making make-milk drink. It also reduces your weight by drinking. To lose weight with it, we are still more advantages. ..

- Such works, milk-banana diet

After taking in fewer calories the body can be kept healthy. The food in your diet every time should take two to three banana and a cup Fat Free Milk. Less than one thousand calories a day to eat bananas with emails must drink a lot of water.

- Diet Math

Banana 100 calories and more than 80 calories is found in milk. So for you to lose weight then you should take 3 times a day to the diet will be around 900 calories.

- Banana Diet Benefits

Banana-milk diet would reduce the consumption of our reason, as well as our skin has so many benefits. Apply it on the face of acne scars heal. Emails can also use it to whiten teeth. Banana vitamin A, B, C and E, Minerals, potassium, zinc, iron etc. The major benefits associated with nutrients which will give you health.

- Benefits of Fat Free Milk

Th Fat Free contains less fat. It reduces cholesterol by drinking. The milk is not fat. Since exercise increases muscle strength by drinking it. The intake of the body and may have to repair the damage to the body gets the required energy.

- The advantages of taking with banana and milk

Banana and milk to take with plenty of body protein, vitamins, fiber and minerals meet. The nutrition we get from the diet the body gets energy for three to four days.


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