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Tablet With Health Benefits of Honey Milk


  Tablet With Health Benefits of Honey Milk
1. digestion

Take two teaspoons of honey in a glass of milk daily Daijestiv system is improved. Get rid of the problem of constipation. Take this mixture the stomach and intestine related problems are not.

2. Antiajing

Milk and honey glow to skin not only looks but also the body to get too comfortable. Since ancient Greek, Roman, Egypt, India and other countries looking younger as a Antiajing property has been milk and honey.

3. Skin Care

Honey and milk are both Sukshmjivi eliminate. With milk and honey-making and increasing the efficiency of the immune skin starts to glow. Mix equal quantity of milk and honey, the same amount of water in the body before bath and keep the skin will greatly improve.

4. antibacterial

Honey, milk take on functions like antibacterial properties. It can not invade the body of harmful bacteria and colds, cough stays with problems.

5. Insomnia

Take with milk and honey to cure insomnia is an ancient recipe, the milk and honey, which controls the secretion of insulin in the brain in the right amount of Triptofen is distillation. Sirtonin Triptofen turns into serotonin, melatonin and relaxes the mind is changed and removes the problem of insomnia.

6. stamina

Honey in a glass of milk a day to get the body stamina. Enough carbohydrates in the milk protein is found in the honey. Take with milk and honey, the body draws energy metabolism and leads to action.

7. Bone Health

Combination of milk and honey, as well as keeping the body make healthy bone diseases, such as arthritis, etc. that occur with age Astiaoporosis or reserves, because in both milk and honey, adequate calcium intake.


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