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Turmeric milk and Combining Munkke


 Often we stay healthy with milk almond, banana, turmeric and other things take. Diseases in terms of keeping the mail, will benefit various body parts. Let us know about these in-

Turmeric milk

Turmeric Vitamin A, protein, carbohydrates, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Turmeric and milk are rich in antioxidants. Combination of these two natural aspirin (painkillers) works like.
Take a 225 ml milk and sugar Boil a quarter teaspoon of turmeric. Can drink it once a day.
Advantages: The old cold, cough with phlegm, allergies and pain in the throat, pain or swelling in any type of injury, itching, heart, lungs, skin, urine and liver-related problems and clean the blood, increases resistance to disease away does.

Note: If the patient without diabetes sugar control sugar levels and you get put turmeric in milk remains.

Combining Munkke

Glucose and vitamins from a combination of these two bodies are found ..
Take a 260 ml milk ten Munkkon (seed out) to boil. Night time can take only 10-12 days a month.
Advantages: It is nourishing and enhancing the bloody hemorrhoids blood, urine and throat irritation, eye irritation and redness, dizziness, mental weakness, fever and is beneficial in constipation. Body aches, nervous disorders, cramps in the legs and is beneficial in problems like Nksir.
Note: diabetes and asthma patients and cough with phlegm is not Drink it or else it could lead to trouble.


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