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Turmeric milk true way of creating and precautions


  Turmeric milk true way of creating and precautions

Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric almost all we know about the benefits of milk, you can insert it into the Golden milk daily diet can help prevent many diseases and infections. Ayurveda is considered to be the elixir of turmeric milk. "Turmeric milk on weight loss from it by a simple web search, winter colds and arthritis is considered a panacea for many ills. But most people are unaware of the correct method of making it. Let us make the Ayurvedic medicine are aware of the correct method.

The right way to make turmeric milk

Take pieces of turmeric

Take an inch-long piece of turmeric. Turmeric powder, turmeric does not stick as effective because there is a higher likelihood of contamination in powder, turmeric Also during the grinding process decreases the ability to generate heat. So take a piece of turmeric used by him to crush.
Peprkorn the pepper seeds

Crush the seeds of the peppers with a little Peprkorn again. Pepper is better to replace the white variety. Dkni pepper and white pepper that works to enhance eyesight. Now, half a glass of milk and half a cup of water with a spoon to crush the turmeric and chili mix well and boil.
Boil for 20 minutes

Boil the mixture for 25 minutes, by which time there will be a cup of milk. Therefore it is advisable to shake the water because boiling water for 25 minutes to shake the milk might like pudding. And so they do not feel comfortable in.

Add honey or sugar

25 minutes after boil off gas mixture, filtering the mixture and mix it with honey or sugar, and then make fun of hot milk with turmeric
Mix ghee for cough

If you take it to get relief from sore throat, the warm milk before drinking half a teaspoon of turmeric and mix ghee. Melt butter on your neck coat with a cough relief well will.

A few minutes to sit down and rustic aroma pleasing taste of the drink itself helps to increase the feel-good factor.

Turmeric advantages we have already told you. Most people will know that turmeric is beneficial in many diseases and weakness. Long as the drug was used. A good anti-septic, anti-inflammatory as well as from a side where turmeric is also very beneficial to health, while it has few side-effects.

 Turmeric is the only loss when taken in large quantities it. Learn the advantages of turmeric as you know it is important to have a loss:

1.  gall bladder problems

If you have any problems related to gall bladder problems and this will increase your turmeric milk. If you have your gall bladder stone should not drink milk turmeric.

2. bleeding problem

Turmeric milk bleeding problem if you can damage you. The blood clotting process, which reduces bleeding and may increase the

3. In the case of diabetes

Circumin a chemical substance that is found in turmeric. Which impacts blood sugar. So, if you have diabetes, one needs to avoid drinking milk with turmeric.

4. cause impotence

Turmeric, which lowers testosterone levels. This decrease in activity of sperm. If you are planning your family try to restrain the consumption of turmeric.

5. iron absorption

Turmeric intake increases the absorption of iron. Iron deficiency in people who already turmeric should take them very carefully.

6. During Surgery

As we have already said that turmeric blood does not clot. As a result, increases the secretion of blood. If your surgery is occurring or avoid intake of turmeric


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