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When milk turns into curd.


 Regular intake of yogurt has been considered for the body like nectar. It removes blood loss and weakness. When milk turns into curd. Then the acid is converted to sugar. It helps in digestion. Who seems to reduce appetite. Yogurt is very beneficial to tho    Removes stomach heat
Yogurt, buttermilk or lassi by the heat of the stomach is cool. Plantago ovata husk with yogurt on the stomach to stop diarrhea from eating rice or curd are mixed. Other diseases of the stomach with rock salt to yoghurt is beneficial.

According to experts from the American diet to a regular intake of yogurt and stomach related diseases are not diseases of the intestines.

Yogurt heart disease, high blood pressure and prevent diseases of the kidneys is remarkable resilience. Cholesterol and prevents it from moving to the right maintains heartbeat.

Calcium is found in high amounts in yogurt. It is helpful in the development of bones. Additionally, the teeth and strengthens the nails. This helps muscles to work correctly.

Eating yogurt with a twist of asafetida is beneficial in arthritis. It is also delicious as well as nutritious
Patients suffering from hemorrhoids after lunch, a glass of buttermilk Mix parsley benefit.

Frail persons in the yogurt raisins, almonds or raisins If you've been together gaining weight while eating yogurt also can be removed from the body surplus fat.

Yogurt Body Worn bath skin becomes soft and beautiful. Mix lemon juice in the face, neck, elbows, heels and hands are putting on body sparkles. Lassi yogurt drink honey beauty increases.

Keep hair beautiful and attractive to yogurt or buttermilk benefit by washing the hair. It should just be good massage bath of yogurt before hair wash the hair after the hair from dryness or dandruff ends.

Yogurt cream two to three times a day, oral ulcers are cured by applying blisters. Yogurt and honey mixed in equal amounts and take it twice a day to get away from the mouth ulcers.

Yogurt and gram flour mixture and rub. After some time to shower. Body odor will be away.

Yogurt with honey the children's teeth are out, they must Ctana. It easily removes teeth.

Trouble sleeping at night to deal with plenty of curd and whey is beneficial.


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