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10 Benefits of Yoga


   10 Benefits of Yoga

Modi also do yoga
June 21 celebration of the International Day of Yoga International Yoga Day greetings to all of you a lot. Let us make your life successful and meaningful for all of us to adopt yoga.

1) use the yoga physical, mental and spiritual benefits have always done, l Today's medical research has proved that the sum of the physically and mentally is a boon to mankind 

2) Where a particular part of the body, from the gym to exercise, while the sum of all parts of the body Prtyngon, glands, part of the exercise, which seem to function smoothly 

3) increases the power of yoga to fight disease | Aging also brings glow to the skin can remain young, healthy body, healthy and strong is formed 
is |

5) The continual practice of yoga is good exercise muscle  The stress and good sleep, appetite suits, digestion is correct 

6) The benefits of pranayama - part of Yoga Pranayama and meditation are also very beneficial for the body like yoga, pranayama, which is controlled by the speed of respiratory diseases, respiratory-related benefits in 

7) The benefits of meditation - a critical component of yoga is meditation |Meditation means attention nowadays than promoting our country abroad has been running day and night in the culture of today's materialism plaintiff, work pressure, tension has increased a lot due to the mistrust in the relations |Meditation is nothing better than to handle such a situation carefully mental stress and feel deep inner peace, work force increases, sleep well 

Concentration of the mind and increases retention 

8) The sum of the levels of blood sugar and LDL or bad cholesterol curves decreases. Yoga is extremely beneficial for diabetes patients. Read also: How to control diabetes?

9) Some Studies have found that meditation by some Yogasno and arthritis, back pain, and pain is significantly improved, and decreases the need for drug law.
10) Yoga increases the body's resistance and diminishes the reliance on drugs. Many studies have proven that asthma, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes patients have been completely cured by yoga.

In short, the only physical exercise or yoga to relieve ailments action is not life-enhancing method is a life |


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