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Yoga  A Lifestyle

Yoga (Yoga) Sanskrit metal 'yuj' is derived from the meaning of individual consciousness or soul or spirit meeting with the universal consciousness. Yoga (Yoga) 5000 years old ancient Indian knowledge community. the superficial aspects of science are related to |
 Yoga is advancing our Excellency Baba Ram dev ji brought yoga to the world

Yoga (Yoga) in science has assimilated the essence of life is complete, the knowledge or philosophy of yoga, bhakti yoga or the path of devotion, contemplate, Karma Yoga or Raja Yoga or mental blissful task routing and route control are contained. Raja Yoga is further divided into 8 parts. Raja Yoga in the center of the system to balance the different systems and to integrate them in the practice of yoga asanas

Sri Sri Yoga

Sri Sri Yoga (Sri Sri Yoga) a healthy, providing a delightful experience rejuvenation which is a ten-hour workshop spread over 3-5 days. Simple and complex yoga and breathing techniques have been compiled in a series, this workshop helps the mental and physical balance which provides a multi-dimensional routine yoga postures, breathing techniques, yoga wisdom and note which includes a full practice of the pupils at home provides qualified. This complete package for new and regular practitioners, and for people of every age group has something in it.

Sri Sri Yoga workshop taught by the regular practice of yoga practitioners were significant changes in lifestyle have come. Cirkalit people from diseases and their behavioral changes were felt relieved | Abyasionne techniques taught in this program by participants and a reduction in anxiety, consciousness and sense of well-being reported such experiences.

Yoga (Yoga) - for all

The beauty of yoga is the physical practice of yoga postures that you are old or young you are valiant, well built or weak. With the progressive aging of your understanding is Asno. You Snrekshn rugs and procedures beyond the outer and inner purification remain in easy reach is ultimately only.

Yoga is not alien to us anytime. We are the sum since we were babies, whether cats 'pulling' posture which causes the spine or 'wind free' posture that promotes digestion. Infant posture throughout the day you will see that someone is doing. Different people may have different forms of yoga. We determined that we own yoga - will help find the path of life |

Ayurveda  Life Sciences

Ayurveda , the world's most progressive and powerful, mind and body health system. This system is not only limited to the treatment of diseases, but Ayurveda is the science of life. The nature of all intellectual knowledge helps people stay healthy, vibrant and with them to realize their full human potential is too. By using the principles of the nature of the individual human body, mind and spirit that provides the right balance of making him good health. Ayurveda is made even better by practicing your yoga practice, which is a win-win situation Sattt. It is part and tips for a better life has brought many Ayurvedic nukta

Breathing (Pranayama) and meditation (Meditation)

Breathing (Pranayama) growth and control your breathing. The right to practice the technique of breathing and blood oxygen levels in the brain can be increased, and eventually die or get help in the control of vital energy. Pranayama can be done easily with yoga asanas. The union of these two principles in mind and body yoga is considered the highest purification and self-discipline. Pranayama techniques our attention (Meditation) makes the experience even deeper. In these sections you can find a variety of breathing techniques.

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

This class of ancient scripture by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar 'Patanjali's yoga sutras' (Patanjali Yoga Sutra) which is the sum of knowledge on the specific details of its origin and purpose familiar with the state. The goal of yoga is that the interpretation of these sources, the practice of these principles should be clear and simple. Try it in every detail how the formula based on the sum you can take advantage of the extreme lifestyle.

What holds you physical disease? Your feelings in your personal and professional life is blocking? At least with the help of yoga lifestyle changes how you overcome your problems naturally


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