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butter milk benefits -.buttermilk the morning with food has been considered to be more efficient at the time of the evening, it should not take | *.


  Pcti not many people have residue. Whey is very beneficial for them. Fresh whey is very beneficial. Buttermilk is also curry is delicious and digestive. Mix sugar residue in Punjab in North India and by his use of lassi.

Whey do not drink white head hair prematurely. At the end of the food residue, in the middle of the night last night to drink milk or whey 
health remains good foreign elements present in the body gives out and new life.
Power-to fight disease in the body creates frictional force. Whey should not add fuel to. Best Hotiha cow milk whey. The diseases are destroyed by taking whey. They are never again in life again

The residue should not be sour. In diseases of the stomach several times a day should drink buttermilk. In the heat of the body stays fresh whey drink. Daily breakfast and whey drink after meals increases physical strength. Whey do not drink white head hair prematurely.

At the end of the meal whey, milk and night at the end of the middle of the night drinking water to health remains good Hakdhi Mthkr residue are created. Drug residue is affordable to the poor. Whey poor Durkr number of physical defects and increase their Tndurusti is as important as diet.

Mlshuddhi residue intake is only by making the body becomes a bit lighter flowers. Every body comes and intestines freshness and enthusiasm is generated and Jtragni relief.

Whey are illuminating Jtragni makes digestive system smoothly. Eliminates residue gas. Therefore, the gas in the stomach and bowel disorders residue intake is beneficial

Indigestible food complaint of people who complain of indigestible food properly. Per day of whey powder roasted cumin, black pepper powder and rock salt mixed with equal quantity of powder should drink slowly. This digester will advance faster.

If you are having diarrhea caused by heat Dast- banyan tress Pian.aseediti- Grind Mix buttermilk and whey filtered sugar candy, pepper and rock salt are cleaned daily by drinking root Seediti Hakkbj-if constipation If complaints persist, celery mixed whey drink.

Mix mint lassi for cleaning stomach summer is making it Pittnashk Piankmtta patient is cooler and nutrition. After entering the body residue merged (stomach, duodenum and intestines) is Joprbav on.

It improves the digestive system and the body's internal toxins are destroyed. Buttermilk makes powerful heart and purify the blood. Particularly diarrhea (diarrhea) disease activity is more systematic.

Therefore residue intake is useful in jaundice and dysentery. Obesity lowers residue. Who consume residue eld (age) to stay away from. Buttermilk enhances the brightness of the body. This facial wrinkles. If you are already so they are deleted.

Buttermilk is useful in diseases of the intestines. It offers functional and chronic intestinal compressed expels frozen stool. 

The old assembly of sewage generated Typhoid (typhoid fever) is a disease of the residue intake. Whey is the most important quality to overcome The food we consume.

Ie the product is terrific buttermilk lassi which is made from milk and the amazing thing is that products made from milk from the Surrey residue is considered the most benefits.

All of the  correctly all the nutrients are absorbed by our body, which we would benefit in full as well as buttermilk, which is found in most calcium is absolutely necessary for our bones and body and our most of the body that is essential to strengthen the structure.
.buttermilk the morning with food has been considered to be more efficient at the time of the evening, it should not take | *.


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