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The advantages of green pepperp -Green peppers naturally enhances the immunity, often cook at home or eat when we are away from sharp things. Yes, sometimes it is different then want to eat spicy,


  The advantages of green pepper

Green peppers naturally enhances the immunity, often cook at home or eat when we are away from sharp things. Yes, sometimes it is different then want to eat spicy, but did you know that people who eat lunch at least two green peppers can escape from the terrible disease like cancer. Many nutrients such as vitamin A, green peppers, B6, C, iron, copper, potassium, protein and are rich in carbohydrates.

Constipation saved: - green peppers to bring out toxins from the body is known. These are a good source of Dietary Fiber. They may be correct intestinal activity and constipation occurs.

 Does diabetes control: Regular intake of green pepper is controlling blood sugar levels in the body, but it does not mean that you eat sweets all day and then to begin to eat chili.

. His strong Hdidyan-

 green peppers can become a weapon for women. Green pepper is rich in iron, which strengthens bones and blood increases.

There are many people who do not like to eat green peppers, but there are some very pleasing tart. Green peppers in your diet must include. Green pepper is not only food but also serves to enhance the flavor also has many advantages in terms of health. Let us know about the benefits of green peppers.
The advantages of green chili - spicy green peppers intake is beneficial for both health and beauty. It strengthens the immune system to clear skin. The daily intake of green peppers health is repaired. Green peppers contain a compound called Kapsiasin makes it spicy. But you know it is also beneficial for beauty, let us tell you.


 - Pepper Eating clean blood flow in veins and is faster, which does not face the problem of Pinpls. Younger enough vitamins C and E are found in chili-chili Coating small rashes raised rashes gets settled. Scabies Itching burning in chili oil massage provides relief. Eat dinner in the summer with green peppers. Lu does not eat chili with food

 Skin: -

 green peppers or capsicum high in vitamin C and antioxidants you'll find. Antioxidants are believed to be very good for our skin and health. Eating chili peppers Pdengikhri no early wrinkles on the face, which contains a lot of vitamin E for the skin's natural oil production is advantageous. So if you eat spicy food, then your skin will be fine on its own.

 Avoiding bacterial infection - Anti-bacterial properties are found in green peppers, remove the infections are. You do not eat green peppers Hogakmahilaon skin disease often leads to iron deficiency, but if you eat every day, then your lack of eating chili will also be completed.

Blood pressure control does

Those who have the problem of high blood pressure should take a balanced amount of green peppers. Green pepper to control blood pressure levels in the properties.

Beneficial in lung cancer

Smoking lungs, leading to increased risk of cancer. So those who smoke intake in your diet should include green peppers. Well we like to say that someone should not smoke.

Today almost everybody is suffering from digestive system problems. Green peppers are rich in fibers strengthen the digestive system, the digestive function is repaired.

For heart disease

The heart of the human body is the most important part. It is very important to keep healthy. According to one study, green peppers can be used to cure diseases related to the heart. It can also cure the problem of blood clots.

Strengthens immunity

Weakening of immune diseases at early grips us. Minor ailments like cough, cold seems to be facing us every second. Vitamin C is plentiful in green pepper, which enhance our ability to fight diseases reinforces immunity. It also contains Vitamin C, bones, teeth, and is beneficial for the eyes.

Security transition

Wish to distance themselves from infection, do plenty of green peppers. Green peppers that are anti-bacterial properties of any type of skin infection and protect the body.

Skin young and beautiful

Women and girls are a range of problems associated with the skin such as vitamin C and vitamin E in their diet should include. Keep your skin healthy tension with green pepper brings so skin appears young and beautiful.

 Chilli food can be more harmful to the body. This and many diseases, including stomach irritation may occur. Do not all of these advantages in the affair pepper

You are young - in green peppers are Faitonutriynts the skin acne, rash freckled and saved from. Consumption of chili you can fight the signs of old age. Regular you can become young. Green peppers contain vitamin E, which is beneficial to the skin. So eating raw green peppers with chewing the skin remains forever young.

 Weight decreases: - green peppers are low in calories. It helps the body to burn excess fat and weight control also helps people with Hakmotape Kolastrol levels are very helpful in reducing the green chilies. Green pepper reduces the risk of osteoporosis in vitamins.

Blood pressure and digestion keeps away - green pepper in controlling blood pressure is quite Fydemnd. In case of diabetes to control blood pressure levels in the green pepper properties. Peppers broadly vitamins and iron, calcium, potassium, manganese and Magrishiam odds with some amount of potassium is also an important part of the cell fluids. It is helpful to keep our heart rate and blood pressure control Hakhri chillies out toxins from the body, is known for. These are a good source of Dietary Fiber. These Aantdiyhon activity helps build and constipation are not good.

 To lighten the mood: - chili dinner will balance your body's blood sugar levels. But this does not mean that you eat sweets all day and then start eating chili eating Denkmirc endorphins in the brain which is causing you to make your mood light gives pleasure.
-kansr: - To protect the body fight cancer and is also beneficial green pepper. There are plentiful antioxidants, free radicals from the body's internal cleansing as well as saving lowers the risk of cancer. It also reduces the risk of lung cancer by intake. So those who smoke consume more green peppers in your diet should include, as they are most at risk of lung cancer. Green pepper lowers risk of prostate cancer in men. According to a study conducted by scientists from eating chili prostate problems are completely eliminated.


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