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1. "worship" are doing - then "trust" learn!

2. Speaking before '-' listen 'to learn!

3. If the 'spending' is - then 'tanning' learn!

4. If the 'write' - then 'think' learn!

5. lose before conceding again - '' try to learn!

6. The three were in the ego; Money, wealth and offspring! If not, take a look

7. If the refrigerator smelled any scent or odor from the half sliced ​​lime shall cease to have a thousand times Ajmaya

8. A little milk mixed with water, flour Gundte time. This will change the taste of bread and pancakes.

9 Kdhi quickly and for a good time at night Jamaat broken stem of green chili and put in milk yogurt tremendous Jmegi

10. Time 2 drops lemon juice to boil the rice and put the rice and Cipakenge will not bloom.

11. Chinese tin ant does not come by putting three or four cloves.

12. Cut the onion bulbs or tube lights and feather with binders Vchipakili mosquito anywhere in the house tested, it does not apply only Chipakil.
13. To remove the bitterness of fenugreek little salt and keep aside for a while.

14. In life, no one ever had to stop that waste Mtsmjna Kyoँ clock tells the right time twice a day.

15. Any person seeking the evil example of the 'Fly' which is like leaving only scars on many beautiful body sits.

16. breaks that relationship which is often in poverty, thousands of man is created when money passes.

Not getting things moving quickly over 17 days and lasts longer things he does not hurry.

18. A good advantage of the bad days are good and tested friends.

19. should find pleasure in small things because the big things in life a few times.

20. God not to be angry with him, because if I get some asking that God does not give you that which is good, but is good for you.

21. It is thought that one of us alone can do Isanno Just looking at it alone so that the sun shines.

22.. No matter how bad the relationship because they do not break no matter how dirty water can quench the thirst not have  on fire.

23. When we knew not to speak, without our saying "Mom" was understood our things and every thing we say 'Codobi "mother" not understand you.' '

24.'m grateful to all those people who supported me in the bad times, because they were sure that I would discards
can cope alone.

25. Do not look for good people in life, "become a good" is completed to meet you probably pursue.


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