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Breakfast all day and if your diet is the most crucial part of the egg


Breakfast all day and if your diet is the most crucial part of the egg, so there will be no breakfast. Egg consumption not only in the winter season but also benefit.

The benefits of eating eggs

 Health, Healthcare, "Sunday or Monday, eat eggs every day, 'said the line, you must not be read or hear elsewhere. , The many benefits of eating eggs, it contains vitamins, minerals business is to provide nutrients to the body. People believed the eggs non-vegetarian food, so some people still believe. Egg eaters but became a separate class, where previously only non-vegetarian category of persons was a vegetarian, is also a third category of people who do not eat meat but eat eggs is meant Aggiterian. Because of the nutrients in eggs can not ignore it any. Doctors recommend eating it all.

Not many people want to make eggs part of your diet because they think that they are fat intake can be. If you are a victim of such a delusion must look at these advantages of the eggs.

Source of protein

Albumin, a protein in egg white portion is plentiful. The body requires a lot of protein in the morning, so if you eat eggs for breakfast every day, the body will get plenty of protein.

Energy for eggs

If you get up every morning laziness egg consumption experience is a must for you. Egg is a great energy booster. Every morning at breakfast it would take you all day energy. Healthy fats that are in the yellow part to give the body energy.

For sharp wit

Egg consumption is very beneficial for your mental health. Eggs contain choline, a substance that helps the brain's decision-making. Also, eating one egg a day is good for your memory. That is why the consumption of eggs for breakfast for children is considered extremely important.


2 eggs consumed a rich breakfast every morning at breakfast which does not Bhurk long after consumption. So you will not snack lunch before Anheldi. Healthy diet, given the large breakfast can be said.

If the egg is not yet part of your breakfast then it must look at these advantages, of course you would like to include in your breakfast.

Of health benefits of eating eggs

Eggs fitness and skin / hair in both benefits. Eat it with the skin with the hair also putting business benefits. Below you highlighted these benefits in detail

1. Increased stamina -

 6 gm protein you get from eating an egg, as well as a large amount Nutrysian meet. Vitamin C is not just. Eggs with lemon or orange juice for breakfast must eat, so your body of vitamin C should also be met. It increases stamina.

2. Iron deficiency may be -

 many people are deficient in iron in the body, causing headaches, irritability, aches, anemia complain. There is an overabundance of iron in the yellow part of the egg, which grows by eating, Metapolism increases. Pregnant women often complain, they are told to eat eggs mainly.

3. Hair Business Eye protection 

 is vitamin A, which is good for the eyes, the hair business. It is children who consumed eggs from childhood, their eye site (eye sight) than those who do not have a higher intake of eggs. It also strengthens the hair. Besides eating egg by applying hair conditioner is good. Eggs to the hair can also mix it with henna, or in addition to her white hair with a leave for a while, then rinse. Shall be accepted soft shiny hair.

4. Increased immunity -

 immunity that it contains vitamin D in the body increases.

5. For those who lose weight -

 you lose weight is if you include eggs in your diet course. But you just have to eat the white part, it's just 17 calories (1 egg), which is the balance of nutrients we get from food is.

6. to strengthen the brain -

 the development of eggs in the brain is important for Colin. Colin is a nutrient the brain to accelerate business growth is very important. Ranging from large to small children of old it requires brains. Its deficiency is less memory. The lack of a child is born retarded. Colin women during pregnancy is very important nutrient. Such eggs are not good together gives so many advantages.

7. The main source of protein -

 the major protein in eggs. The use of protein in all tissues of the body is formed, is to take care of the old. Protein is composed of amino acids, but the body does not have to take us to the food items. A good protein containing amino acid in equal amounts in the diet, too, that our body requires. Egg protein is the treasure.

8. to strengthen bones -

 calcium deficiency, bone, teeth, nails become weak. To strengthen the bone like us have to resort to drugs. Praktik is good medicine we use the egg, it should only take a stronger bone teeth gradually.

9. Benefits of Egg White -

 albumen contains 0 cholesterol, 11 grams of protein a person is 52 calories. In the white of the egg, the yellow part of the protein that is missing inside. It contains 0 cholesterol, which can easily eat none of it. It also has little fat.

10. The advantages of the Egg Yolk -

 the yellow part of the egg white are more nutrient. Vitamin, Minerals is all the more so that the skin, the hair is best.

11. The benefits of milk to eggs -

 eggs mixed with milk to drink it for health benefits is dim.
Eggs advantages too, but it has some disadvantages, which is very important information to you, so you only have a set amount in your diet include.

Damage from eggs -

1. The food-related stomach problems Poijning person -

 eat eggs before they take the view that they must not cooked well. Raw or half-cooked egg is the loss factor for health, it is Poijning food. Eating half cooked egg vomiting, abdominal pain, upset stomach complaints is like to be.

2. Excess of sodium 

- the white of the egg is very high in sodium. Whoever the person is advised not to eat sodium, they should include in your diet egg thoughtfully.

3. Cholesterol Risk -

 whom the blood pressure, high cholesterol Daybtij business problems, egg them thoughtfully Chaiye eat, not eat more than 2 weeks, because there is excess cholesterol.
Eggs should be eaten in a limited quantity, so it gives a lot of advantages. Include in your diet you try it.


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