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Medicinal use of seasonal a person can not sleep at night for hours to lie down on it,


Medicinal use of seasonal
16 Insomnia - a person can not sleep at night for hours to lie down on it, then to remove the disease of insomnia seasonal juices can use. Insomnia to be free from the disease every day, drink a glass of juice seasonal. Drinking juice from seasonal diseases of insomnia will go away and you will sleep well. Which will be completed only if your sleep as well as your body will infuse new energy.

17 fever - high fever, so the person his will not to eat any solid Pradarth. In this case, the person suffering from the disease for fever Grapefruit juice has proved very useful. Mix juice salt seasonal high fever reliever and fever in the body does not feel the weakness.

18 for strong teeth - If a person is Kamjor teeth and tooth while eating food is not properly chewed seasonal fruit for that person it is very profitable. Continued use of seasonal fruits teeth strong and would not have other problems related to teeth.

19 blood purifier - a person always remains ill due to which the body becomes impure blood to the seasonal fruits of that person would be very beneficial. Blood from the body for it to be clear seasonal sick person a glass of juice a day should be taken.

20 Pregnancy - Pregnancy Grapefruit juice also are highly beneficial. In pregnancy seasonal juice consumed daily by pregnant women if the child stays healthy and gives strength to her uterus. There is also the amount of calcium in seasonal. Therefore, consumption of juice pregnant woman's child nutrition leads to the ..

21 cold - winter gets cold, people are often the people are very upset. In the winter cold, a person will suffer if he can also use seasonal juice. To get relief from cold lime juice in a glass and put it 6 or 7 drops of ginger juice. Now the glass a little salt and then the juice Pilen. 8-10 days, similar to seasonal daily consumption of juice, you will soon get rid of the cold.

22 Heart Disease - Heart disease - ever ever really prove fatal. The daily consumption of juice from soft and flexible are Rktwahinian heart. Cholesterol in the blood vessels leading to cardiovascular diseases do not mix, and again in the future are unlikely to be too.

23 Constipation - Some individuals are the problem of persistent constipation. Which he does not feel like eating anything, and they would feel heaviness in the stomach without food. At a time of seasonal juice and orange juice you can use. Seasonal and constipation by drinking orange juice together with the disease are so far apart the toxins present in the body are voided. Constipation disease by removing seasonal fruit can also be used directly. Because of seasonal fruit fiber is highly supportive of the stomach to end constipation

24 Fatigue - a woman or a man who constantly feel fatigued due to work. If you get rid of your body's fatigue can also use seasonal juice. Grapefruit juice to overcome the fatigue of the body are very useful. Seasonal daily intake of juice if you will soon be able to get rid of physical fatigue.

25 typhoid - diseases of typhoid was a person who was to get rid of the disease seasonal juices can use. For those with the disease typhoid Grapefruit juice is also very beneficial. Therefore, the person suffering from typhoid seasonal juice should be consumed.

26 children headache - similar to seasonal juices seasonal oil skins are extremely important and useful. If your children are poor headache pain relief for both them you can use this oil. If children have high fever switching you from seasonal peel oil can massage the baby's head and body. The child's body with oil to massage the baby's skin are softened and his strong bone.
27 cough or asthma - if a person complaining of chronic cough and asthma suffer when relief of both of these diseases and substances used with the seasonal juices can. Take a glass of lime juice to make it warm. Now add a little salt and add a little powder, roasted cumin. Now the juice and cumin powder salt after shaking well, add the juice of ginger with a 4 or 5 five Bunden eat. The juice of 1 or 2 months of continuous intake will soon get rid of these two diseases.

To get rid of cough and asthma disease seasonal juice you can use another way. Fresh lime juice to this measure and seasonal take the same amount of hot water and fresh seasonal juices and mix it. Now some roasted cumin seeds, dry ginger and rock salt and let them mix water and seasonal juice and then drink it. Daily intake of this juice once a day, you will soon get rid of these two diseases.


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