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Fraid ranging from curry soup or roasted chicken is eaten in India in every way.


Fraid ranging from curry soup or roasted chicken is eaten in India in every way. Crazy chicken and eat it create individual style. Chicken dishes are not just taste great but also contains nutrients that help your body in ways that cause. Let us know what benefits you are eating chicken.

 muscle, is evolving

Non-vegetarian source of protein, chicken is considered the best. The meat is lean, which means that it is high in protein and fat, the fat content is low. 100 g 31 g protein you get from eating roasted chicken. So those who want to create muscle proves to be very profitable for them to eat chicken.

 Bone keeper

Apart from protein, phosphorus and calcium in chicken is also found in high quantities in the bone condition improves. Additionally, the selenium (selenium), which is also found to reduce the risk of arthritis, the arthritis is known.

 increases testosterone levels

If such a man exists Eat zinc which is controlled so that their testosterone levels and more sperm are formed simultaneously. So men should eat chicken Sure, it happens in high amounts zinc.

Frozen Chicken

Frozen chicken food is very fashionable these days. Frozen chicken out of the freezer and put it in the refrigerator it. Placing it somewhere else will cause the bacteria. Once frozen chicken back to the fridge after Difrijh not. Once believed, as much as you need to remove the chicken.

to boost immunity

Chicken Soup for the Cold & Flu relief from long-term is being used as a home recipe. Steam chicken soup off the steam opens the nose and throat is cleared Kanjesshn. In one study it was found that a type of immune cell, neutrophils chicken soup in the transfer is interrupted, ie do not go anywhere, but to remain in the body. This prevents you from having a normal infection and increases the body's immunity.

Heart Health

Chicken is present in very high amounts of vitamin B6. This element provides protection from heart attack. Vitamin B6 reduces Homosistain level. The element level rise increased risk of heart attack occurs. Chicken is a good source of niacin, which also reduces cholesterol. Cholesterol is a huge risk for heart disease. The American Heart Association also advised that you should eat chicken instead of red meat because it contains less saturated fat than red meat and contains more omega-3 fatty acids. These elements proves very beneficial for the heart.

The way how to make healthy chicken

In different parts of the chicken fat and cholesterol are found in different levels. Brest is absorbed in which part of the chicken, 1 gram fat is 28 grams. Then chicken leg contains 2 grams fat, 28 grams of chicken contains.
Keep in mind before you decide to make chicken fat to remove it, because it is not good for your heart health. The fat is white. You may withdraw it when you buy chicken. To make it more healthy chicken turmeric, coriander powder and yogurt to marinette. It will become tasty chicken, as well as nutrients that will increase. Then you can make it in the pressure cooker, so that they will be soft until the puck. You can bake it, this option is considered very healthy.

 Does Stress

Troiptofn two nutrients in chicken and vitamin B5, which are such that your stress away in a snap. Both the body cool in the day that you eat of course much tension chicken. The Great Taste Your Stress will also make you feel happy.

 use in PMS

Magnesium is present in chicken. Pre-Menstrual Syndrome symptoms of chicken these elements removes. Also, during periods in women who have a change of conditions arise that cause them to gain even chicken.


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